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New ‘RE: Extinction’ Photos

July 3, 2007

jovovich.gifResident Evil is another movie franchise I haven’t bothered to even look at.  My friends all like it, and I trust them, I just haven’t found the time or the will to take a look.  Anyway, I’m sure there are plenty of fans out there waiting for the 3rd installment Resident Evil: Extinction which is due to come out September 21.  It supposedly picks up right where the last one left off and has Alice (Milla Jovovich) off in the Nevada desert somewhere.  It’s written by the same guy who wrote the other two, Paul W.S. Anderson, and is being helmed by Russell Mulcahy.

Thats about all I know about this one, but blackfilm has some new production photos that might tide you over until I find out some more about it.  Oh and if you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet, it’s worth a look, too.

‘Hitman’ Trailer Hits The Web

June 26, 2007

hitman.gifI told you it was coming, and here it has gotten the exclusive on the first Hitman trailer.  The movie, which is based on the video game of the same name, actually looks, and I might be a  little premature with this comment, good.  I’ll let you decide for yourselves, but let me know what you think.

‘Hitman’ Make First Appearance With ‘…Die Hard’

June 21, 2007

hitman.gifIf there are any video game fans out there, and I’m sure there are, the forces that be have been working on a big screen version of the Hitman series.  Essentially, you’re a hitman doing hit man things.  It’s a bit deeper than that but thats all you need.

Anyway, there is a brand new trailer for the movie, but if you’re wanting to see it you can go check out Live Free or Die Hard,  because it’s showing with that movie.  I’m sure the trailer will hit the web before then but in case it doesn’t I wanted to keep you updated.

Legendary Pictures Developing ‘Diablo’ Among Others

June 18, 2007

diablo.gifThis is some exciting news for some friends of mine, and secretly for me too. Legendary Pictures has an interesting array of projects that are in development, one of which is Diablo.

Diablo is one of the popular video game franchises created by Blizzard Entertainment. The game is set in the fictional Kingdom of Khanduras and has the player take control of a lone hero as he or she battles to rid the town of Tristram of the titular Lord of Terror and his demon minions.

Now I’m not saying that it will end up being a blockbuster, because lets face it, most video game movies just flop, but it’s still a little exciting.  Also on the development list is World of Warcraft, Superman 2, and Clash of the Titans.

White’s ‘Castlevania’

June 13, 2007

white.gifThat post title seemed funnier in my head.

Anyways, word has it that Sylvain White will now be helming the Castlevania adaptation for Rogue Pictures and Crystal Sky Entertainment. The film, which is derived from the video game series of the same name, “begins as a Transylvanian knight leads his men into a gothic castle to seek refuge from the Turkish army. The knights soon discover the castle is controlled by the original vampire.”

Paul W.S. Anderson wrote the script and because of that and the fact that it’s a video game adaptation I don’t have high hopes for the project.  Anderson was originally set to direct but stepped aside so he could focus on his Death Race remake. I will say I have a little more faith in White than I do Anderson and they are supposed to work on a rewrite, so we’ll see what happens.