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Review — Transformers

July 3, 2007


Of the many popular cartoon franchises from my childhood, Transformers was not one of my favorites. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but I never got into as much as other people my age. Now here we are twenty-something years later and Transformers is making a comeback on the big-screen. Honestly, I started out as a skeptic of the project but as more and more information came out about it the more excited I got. There is something about seeing a little piece of your childhood, whether it was your favorite or not, on the big-screen after all these years that you can’t help but love. So was this movie “more than meets the eye?”


Review — Live Free or Die Hard

July 2, 2007


Yippee-ki-yay, moth…..well you know how it goes. It’s time to get excited fans, Bruce Willis has returned to his role as John McClane in Live Free or Die Hard but can it live up to all the hype? I decided to find out for myself and I ended up being surprised. Pleasantly surprised.


Review — Ratatouille

June 30, 2007


It’s hard not to be excited whenever this Pixar brings a new feature film to theaters. The company has been an animation powerhouse ever since their very first feature, Toy Story, and they’ve continued with that same amount of momentum without losing any steam along the way. (And no, I’m not counting Cars. I know a lot of people didn’t like it but I don’t count it only because I haven’t seen it.) That brings us to the present day and the release of their 8th feature Ratatouille. It’s only a matter of time before the mighty fall, but today is not that day and I’m wondering if it ever come will for Pixar. To put it simply, this film is good. (more…)

Review — 1408

June 23, 2007


What I know of Stephen King is that he does good work. And when properly adapted, his stories make really fantastic movies. At a time where horror movies consist of horny, undersexed teens and gratuitous scenes of violence comes 1408, the latest in the legacy of King adaptations. But is it good? Let me answer that by imposing my own question. Pardon my phrasing, but have you ever been mind raped? I know that sounds a little awkward, but thats exactly what this movie does to you, but it’s not really as bad as it sounds. Really. Let me explain.


It’s New To Me — Babel

June 19, 2007


Side Note: There is a large list of movies that have past through theaters and have since been on DVD for a few months or more. But we here at Common Review still feel the need to watch these movies and give them our opinions. With that being said, anytime you see “It’s New To Me” in the title, know that we’re reviewing older movies with new eyes. In fact, Josh has already written two. Here’s my first. End Side Note.

Despite hearing mixed reviews, I’ve been wanting to watch Babel since I first read about it last year. The trailers and the story outline intrigued me so much so that I could no understand why there was some negative opinions about the film. I didn’t really read any of the reviews though, I just knew they existed. Finally, a few weeks ago I sat down and watched it, and it was exactly what I hoped it would be.

It’s New To Me — Catch and Release

June 18, 2007


Jennifer Garner

I’ll admit it. I watched Catch and Release all by myself despite the fact that it is a romantic comedy. A rental at my house for my mom, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. So I sat down in front of the TV, confident in Kevin Smith’s ability to get me through the film. I wasn’t floored or anything, but I actually found the movie to be enjoyable.


It’s New To Me — Smokin’ Aces

June 10, 2007


Smokin’ Aces is an interesting case.

I had been looking forward to watching this one for quite some time. You’ve got a great cast in Jeremy Piven, Ray Liota, Ryan Reynolds, Andy Garcia, Ben Afleck, and Jason Bateman. I was looking forward to see the performances of Alicia Keys and Common (both of which I like). Plus it’s an action movie, which, as a man, is often the only characteristic needed to get me to watch.

The result was a solid movie, but not as great as I’d hoped.