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Weekend Roll Call: 7-9-07

July 8, 2007

transformer logoThe carousel that is the number one box office spot continues again this week, to absolutely no one’s surprise. The robots won the holiday weekend and won big. There weren’t too many surprises this weekend, so it shouldn’t take me too long to go over the numbers. Game on. (more…)

Weekend Roll Call: 7-2-07

July 1, 2007

RataouilleThe month of July has arrived, and mice ride high on the wave of blockbusters it ushers in. John McClane takes the number two spot by force, and all the other movies roll over as one falls out like a nursery rhyme (you kids remember that one right?) (more…)

Weekend Roll Call: 6-25-07

June 24, 2007

Evan and GodWe’ve got two new movies in the top two this week. Steve Carell’s Noah story takes the top spot, and a movie I knew very little about hits me with a powerful right cross and sends whatever box office predicting skills I thought I had to the mat.


Weekend Roll Call: 6-18-07

June 17, 2007

Silver SurferWell, another week another new Box Office champ. This week Jessica Alba and the spandex four save the world and take down Danny Ocean and his 11 (12? 13?) member entourage of crafty con-men.