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Salute Your Shorts

June 26, 2007

Lorenzo recently tipped me off to an article about some upcoming short films in the works by some of my favorite people. Now I don’t know much about short films, they’re hard to see in a small town theater, but I am a fan of them when I can catch them.

Lance is a Jerk stars Rainn Wilson from NBC’s The Office as an assistant to his demanding boss, Lance Armstrong (as himself). Rainn Wilson is great in The Office, of course, and is a big reason why I’ve mentioned at least once before that it is one of the best shows on TV. As for his boss in this one, whether he rides bikes on drugs or not, he’s been serviceable in the cameos I’ve seen him in. I look forward to hopefully checking this one out at some point.

Life is Short stars Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane who always brings the funny. The article also mentions a cameo from a Buffy alum, which I can only assume is his Family Guy co-star Seth Green (not sure on that though). Trailer goes here.

The third I wanted to mention is one entitled, Specialized Technicians Required: Being Luis Porcar. The article points out that Luis Porcar is the man who does the Spanish dubbing for John Malkovitch roles. Porcar explains his job (in Spanish) while Malkovitch dubs it in English. Sounds like good stuff.