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It’s New To Me — Babel

June 19, 2007


Side Note: There is a large list of movies that have past through theaters and have since been on DVD for a few months or more. But we here at Common Review still feel the need to watch these movies and give them our opinions. With that being said, anytime you see “It’s New To Me” in the title, know that we’re reviewing older movies with new eyes. In fact, Josh has already written two. Here’s my first. End Side Note.

Despite hearing mixed reviews, I’ve been wanting to watch Babel since I first read about it last year. The trailers and the story outline intrigued me so much so that I could no understand why there was some negative opinions about the film. I didn’t really read any of the reviews though, I just knew they existed. Finally, a few weeks ago I sat down and watched it, and it was exactly what I hoped it would be.

It’s New To Me — Catch and Release

June 18, 2007


Jennifer Garner

I’ll admit it. I watched Catch and Release all by myself despite the fact that it is a romantic comedy. A rental at my house for my mom, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. So I sat down in front of the TV, confident in Kevin Smith’s ability to get me through the film. I wasn’t floored or anything, but I actually found the movie to be enjoyable.


It’s New To Me — Smokin’ Aces

June 10, 2007


Smokin’ Aces is an interesting case.

I had been looking forward to watching this one for quite some time. You’ve got a great cast in Jeremy Piven, Ray Liota, Ryan Reynolds, Andy Garcia, Ben Afleck, and Jason Bateman. I was looking forward to see the performances of Alicia Keys and Common (both of which I like). Plus it’s an action movie, which, as a man, is often the only characteristic needed to get me to watch.

The result was a solid movie, but not as great as I’d hoped.