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Movin’ On Up

July 11, 2007

Alright here’s the scoop.  We’ve decide to move to our own domain.  Don’t worry, you’ll still get all the great news you’ve gotten here, but we’re adding a lot of new stuff to.  Oh and you aren’t being left behind, we want you to come with us.  So for all the latest head on over to

I’m still working on doing some graphical updates and everyone who is on my blogroll now will still be on it at the new site.  So update your links and update your RSS Feeds, too.

Thanks so much for being with us this far and we’ll see you on the new site.


New To DVD This Week: July 10, 2007

July 10, 2007

The Last Mimzy
Based on the short story “Mimsy were the Borogoves”, it is the tale of a brother and sister who gain magical abilities after finding a toy box.

The Astronaut Farmer
An astronaut who was forced to retire in order to save his family’s farm decides to continue his dreams of space exploration by building his own rocket.

Sweet Land
A German woman, Inge, moves to Minnesota to marry Olaf, but because of pressure from the citizens and a lack of immigration papers, they are unable.  As time passes, they fall in love and must deal with the hardships of early America, including prejudice.

After The Wedding
Jacob Peterson has dedicated his life to helping Indian orphans, but when he receives a request from a rich businessman his life is forever changed.

‘Sleuth’ Trailer

July 10, 2007

sleuth.gifAny day with a load of new trailers is a good day and that day is today.  Well let’s add one more to the list shall we?  This one is for Sleuth the remake of the 1970 classic which starred Michael Caine and Lawrence Olivier.  The new version also has Caine but in the opposite role that he played in the original and he stars with Jude Law.  In the story, an aging writer (Caine) matches wits with the struggling actor (Law) who has stolen his wife’s heart.

I haven’t seen the original to the footage in the new trailer, but I have to say the film looks very entertaining.  Caine and Law both have a great presence on the big screen and they seem to have a lot of chemistry.  Check out the new trailer here.

HD ‘Bee Movie’ Trailer

July 10, 2007

bee.gifI’m a big fan of Jerry Seinfeld, so when I found out about this film, Bee Movie, I got pretty excited. I mean, Seinfeld and 3d animation? Sounds like a winner to me. The film follows Barry B. Benson(Seinfeld), a bee who is looking to spread his wings outside of the hive and really experience what the world has to offer. Along the way he becomes friends with a friendly human(Renée Zellweger) but also finds out that humans in general have been stealing honey from bees and he decides to take the matter to court. Thats right, he sues. Sounds like a funny idea and Seinfeld co-wrote the story so my expectations are high.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the previous trailers with Seinfeld dressed up in a bee costume (which you can watch here) which I’m a fan of, I thought they were brilliant and funny, now there is new HD trailer giving us a little more insight as to whats going on.

Shatner Is Definitely Not In ‘Trek XI’

July 10, 2007

shatner.gifIt’s officially official.  William Shatner is not in the new Star Trek movie.  How do I know?  There is now a video over at ShatnerVision that has him talking about it.  What’s worse is that Leonard Nimoy is getting to make an appearance in the film.  It seems kind of strange to have only one make an appearance.  I don’t really understand it.  Anyway, watch the video.  It’s good.

While we’re talking about the new Trek, there are rumors flying about that Zachary Quinto is in talks to play Spock.  Not sure how I feel about that one way or the other, but nothing is definite anyway.

J.J. Abrams Talks ‘Cloverfield’

July 10, 2007

jjabrams.gifWith all that’s been going on concerning Cloverfield, or 1-18-08 or whatever the heck it’s called, as of late I think it’s about time we heard something from the puppet master himself, .  It seems that he took some time to drop Ain’t It Cool News a line about all these web sites.

Regarding the online stuff you posted: yeah, we’re doing some fun stuff on the web. But, obviously, if the movie doesn’t kick some massive ASS, who gives a rat’s about what’s online? So as you can imagine, we’re focusing mostly on THAT. For what it’s worth, the only site of ours that people have even FOUND is the site. The others (like the Ethan Haas sites) have nothing to do with us.

This brings up two points.  The first is that it seems like he’s saying that there are more sites to be found we just haven’t found them yet.  Secondly, if the Haas sites have nothing to do with the film, why did Paramount want the video footage from the site(s) taken off of YouTube?  Anyway, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth.  Keep searching guys, and let me know what you find.

Oh and the teaser trailer has officially been released in case you haven’t heard and you can watch it here.

Aronofsky To Helm ‘The Fighter’

July 9, 2007

aronofsky.gifI heard about this boxing biopic called The Fighter a couple of months ago.  Some really great boxing films already exist (Raging Bull for example) and I can’t help but wonder if anyone would care to see another. Me personally, I don’t mind as long as there is a good story to be told. At that point, it was rumored that Darron Aronofsky would direct the film which is about “Irish” Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) and his trainer/brother (Matt Damon).

But now, while talking with MTV Movie Blog, Wahlberg has all but confirmed that Aronofsky is indeed directing the film. “I talked to him [Aronofsky] on the phone two days ago. We’re going to sit down with Matt and just figure out when we can start it.”

Wahlberg seems to be pretty confident about the movie, even though it is still in early pre-production. “If it ain’t gonna be like “Raging Bull,” then it ain’t worth doing,” he exclaimed. “These guys, they have the story. Their lives are incredible. The things that they went through, and the things that they overcame and endured. It’s one of those amazing stories that I hope I get an opportunity to tell in my career. It’s going to be one of them gems.”

I mean that should get you kind of excited to see this one. To me it seems kind of early to be talking up the film. Cause if for some reason it ends up flopping, everyone will be going back to quote this interview. I expect good things, though. Great leading cast and an amazing director to boot. Maybe it could be the next Raging Bull?