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There Could Be a ‘Batman 3’

July 3, 2007

christian-bale.gifThe Star Ledger recently published an interview with Christian Bale. While the interview covers a lot of different topics — life, poor movie roles– his role in the new Batman movie came up and it sounds like there could indeed be a part 3 in the series. I’m glad, but not surprised.

In the interview he says,”The script leaves room for a very interesting follow-up, too.  I think we could take it somewhere else.”

There isn’t anything definite about that statement, it’s fun to speculate.  While we’re talking about Bale, I wonder what his thoughts on being in the Justice League film are?  It just so happens the folks at IGN were wondering the same thing and asked him about it when they interviewed him:

“It’s like I was saying to Chris [Nolan] — I’ll be probably doing this in dinner theater somewhere in my 50s, so I won’t knock it. Because who knows where I’ll end up?”

Well, it sounds like he’s at least opened to the idea.  His new movie, Rescue Dawn, opens in limited release tomorrow, July 4.

Cuthbert’s Takes On Allen’s ‘Six Wives’

June 27, 2007

cuthbert.gifComingSoon caught up with Elisha Cuthbert while out promoting Captivity and she shared some info about her next project:

It’s called ‘The Six Wives of Henry Le Fay,'” she says. “It’s this quirky comedy about this girl, my character, whose father dies and she has to wrangle the six wives, they all want him buried a certain way and she just goes through the ringer. It starts this August in Connecticut. That’s going to be really cool to be off doing the comedy thing, especially with Tim Allen.

Could be a good change of pace for the actress, and it sounds like it could be funny.  Either way I’ll still like her anyway.

Kevin Smith Interviews Bruce Willis

June 22, 2007

willissmith.gifHere’s something I thought was pretty cool.  One of my favorite filmmakers, Kevin Smith, did a little interview with one of my favorite actors, Bruce Willis, for Fox to promote Live Free or Die Hard, which comes out next week in case you’ve been living in a box.

The interview isn’t too in depth, but its fun to watch these two guys together just kind of chatting.

Go check it out. Seriously.

Stephen King Talks

June 22, 2007

king.gifThere is an interview with writer Stephen King in USA Today.  Topics range from 1408, which opened today, to The Cell.  It’s a good read if you’re a King fan, or even if you aren’t.

Cusack Interested In ‘Watchmen’

June 14, 2007

watchmen.gifIn an interview with, John Cusack expressed interest in playing Nite Owl in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen. Watchmen is another one these graphic novels that is being picked up lately. The story follows a group of super heroes, most of which lack recognizable as superpowers, in an alternate America in 1985 where super heroes have been outlawed. This is kind of a rough summary and this is based on what I read on wikipedia and various other places, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. There is a lot of speculation as to whether this movie should be made, seems like fans think it’ll be too difficult to transfer to the big screen. I can’t say for sure, I hope to get the chance to read the books before the movie comes out. Cusack is apparently a fan of the comics and would really like to some kind of part, and a great number of fans want him in, too. I don’t know how well suited he is for any of the roles, but I’m a big fan of John Cusack, so I say put him in!

There is a lot more information concerning casting and news and Cinematical has posted a bunch of links leading to that info, so instead of reposting, I’ll just send you over to them to check it out.

Up Close With ‘Shoot Em Up’

June 13, 2007

shootemup.gifLast week, I told you about a new trailer for the upcoming Shoot ‘Em Up. Recently, got to visit director Michael Davis at the New Line Cinema Post-Prod. facility and they were treated to almost 20 minutes of select footage from the nearly completed film. They give a rundown of the clips they watched and they also did a Q & A session with the director. It’s a pretty good read. The film follows Mr. Smith (Clive Owen) as he delivers a baby during a shootout and then has protect the baby from people trying to kill him. Besides Owen, the film stars Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci.

The more I read the better this movie sounds.  It hits theaters September 7.