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Cowboy and Indians and…Aliens? Oh My

June 21, 2007

cowboysaliens.gifThat title isn’t deceiving, there is in fact a movie in the works with all of those things.  Variety is reporting that the graphic novel Cowboys and Aliens, created by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, is being adapted for the big screen.  Their description sums it up best:

The graphic novel mixes Western and science fiction genres. Set in 1800s Arizona, a skirmish between cowboys and Apaches is interrupted by the crash landing of a space ship. The alien commander plans to tame the Old West and enslave everyone, but the cowboys and Native Americans turn their six-guns against the alien invaders.

I can’t help but be a little excited about this one, the concept is just so intriguing to my inner youth.  I realize that at this point there is not writer, director, or cast members, but who doesn’t love Cowboys and Indians!

Trailer for ‘3:10 to Yuma’

June 17, 2007

yuma.gifI think of my most favorite genres is western, but it seems like mostly a dying breed these days.  Luckily for me, there still seems to be some interest in making these films and this one in particular looks incredible.  The movie is 3:10 to Yuma, a remake of a 1957 western of the same title.   The film is about a a rancher who agrees to hold a villainous character until the arrival of the next train that will take him to justice.  Really my summary doesn’t do it justice, but trust me in looks great.
There is a brand new trailer for it on the web now and it looks great.  Do yourself a favor and click over to watch it.  The film stars Russell Crowe and Christian Bale and hits theaters October 5 of this year.