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Myers To Play Moon

June 15, 2007

myers.gifSo apparently Mike Myers is going to be playing Keith Moon in the upcoming biopic See Me Feel Me: Keith Moon Naked For Your Pleasure — interesting casting news and an interesting title. Being a biopic, the movie will give us a look at the life and death of Moon, he was the drummer for The Who. I like Myers and he has always shown a lot of versatility when playing different characters, so I think he’ll be able to do the part justice. The film will begin shooting in January.

‘Across The Universe’ Poster

June 14, 2007

across-the-univ.gifThis is one of those movies that not only sounds cool but the trailer looked pretty dang awesome as well.  Across The Universe, an original movie musical set to Beatles tunes, is a love story taking place in the 1960s.  And…well that really is the simplest way I can explain it, otherwise it might sound confusing.  Now there is a poster for the movie up over at Cinemablend. (If you click on the picture you can see the full version of the poster.)

The poster isn’t anything special, not like the trailer is but its good enough I guess.  It is still up in the air how this movie is going to turn out but director Julie Taymor and Revolution Studios have been in a tiff about the final cut of the movie.  It got so bad that Taymor was threatening to take her name off the film.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the film drops September 28.  Check out the trailer here if you haven’t seen it.

Kurt Cobain Doc Excerpt

June 12, 2007

cobain.gifThere is a documentary about Kurt Cobain making it’s way around the festival circuit. The film uses hours of real audio interviews between Cobain and biographer Michael Azzerad. It’s called Kurt Cobain: About a Son and if you’re interested in looking at it, the Documentary Blog has just posted a link to a clip on YouTube.

It looks pretty cool to me, although so people might not like the fact that it’s just his audio against a slide show of random video. There’s no word yet on a theatrical or DVD release.