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Two Movies Get New Posters

July 9, 2007

the-comebacks.gifTime to start the day off with some poster exclusives.  Well, I guess they’re online exclusives anyway.  I’ve actually seen this first one at my local movie theater already.

The film is The Comebacks, which is about a football coach with the worst record in sports history, played by the hilarious David Koechner, as he vows to turn things around with a new group of recruits made up of losers and misfits.  It is more or less a spoof of all those feel good sports films.  I’m actually surprised Will Ferrell isn’t involved since he’s been all about sports comedys with several of his past works.  Anyway, if you want to check out the fill version of this poster, click on over to Coming Soon.

The next poster is for Australian release of a new horror film.  About a crocodile.  Again.  I don’t know really see the interest in these movies anymore.  I’m mean sure maybe the first few of its kind were scary, but you can only do so much with the subject before it becomes boring and lame.  This one is called Rogue and it’s basically about this American journalist, on assignment somewhere in the Australian outback, that encounters this ‘rogue’ crocodile.  The poster for it is here.  It’s got a very Jaws-esque feel to it.  It will premiere in the States in October of this year.

The Trailer Guide — 7/7/07

July 7, 2007

casey-affleck.gifIt’s time again, folks. Time to showcase a random assortment of this weeks trailers that you may have missed. These are picked based mostly on what I think you might find interesting and, selfishly, what I think looks interesting. In any case, enjoy.

Gone Baby Gone
This film marks the directorial debut of Ben Affleck. Based on the novel by Dennis Lehane, the story is about a two detectives who risk everything by searching for a 4 year old girl that has been abducted from one of the harshest parts of Boston.


The Quick News — 7/7/07

July 7, 2007

George Romero Talks About ‘Diary’

July 6, 2007

george-romero.gifGeorge A. Romero has been hard at work on his new movie Diary of the Dead. If you couldn’t tell by the title, it’s a new zombie of the same vein as some of his previous works, Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead among others. The movie, which follows a group of filmmakers as they encounter real zombies while they’re trying to film their own horror film, has pretty much been kept under wraps with little detail being shared. Well now Romero has posted a little snippet about the movie over at film’s myspace blog:

Hi, guys,

Lemme tell ya about Diary of the Dead. I love it. It’s the first film since my original Night of the Living Dead that I can say is completely my own.

I’ve been trying to work under-the-radar, with no hype or press, but lately I’ve started hearing all kinds of sh*t about “What’s goin’ on with Romero?” “What’s with his new film?”Gimme a break over here! I’m up in Toronto workin’ my ass off, making Diary the best it can be. Truth is, I’m having a blast. I’ve gone home to the kind of filmmaking that I used to do, back in the day.

Diary is a hundred percent independent, made with my partner, Peter Grunwald, and our new friends at Artfire. I haven’t had this much freedom since 1968. The cast, of what film critics will probably call “unknowns” (they won’t be for long) is, in my opinion, f***in’ great.

This one comes from my heart. It’s not a sequel or a remake. It’s a whole new beginning for the dead.

Thanks to all of you who are out there waiting and wondering. You guys, the fans, have always kept me going. Now Diary’s keeping me going, night, dawn, and day.

I love this movie. I hope you will, too. I’ll be back here from time to time to keep you posted. Stay tuned.

Stay scared.
George A. Romero

Sounds to me like it could be pretty good, especially since Romero wrote and directed this one.  I mean the man knows how to do zombie movies, so how could it fail?

The Real ‘Saw IV’ Plot Synopsis

July 5, 2007

jigsaw.gifA few weeks back, a plot synopsis for Saw IV hit the net.  The director of the film, , kindly informed us that the synopsis was completely false.  Well now Lionsgate has released the official plot.  If you want to read it, click to read the rest of the article.  I won’t ruin it for you if you’d rather wait and see what it’s all about.


Brand New ‘Invasion’ Poster

July 3, 2007

invasionposter.gifI’ve been telling you a little bit about The Invasion, an update on the old Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  The trailer makes it look good, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this one.

Now there is a new poster for the movie.  It’s kind of creepy, but mostly just weird.  Someone went crazy with the red and white and I’m not sure what they were trying to achieve.  Click the pic for a larger version (which is over at Cinematical.)

Try The All New ‘Halloween’ Remake, Now With More Gore

July 3, 2007

michael-myers.gifNo Al Gore isn’t making a cameo.

The folks at Blood-Disgusting have reported that Rob Zombie has been hard at work reshooting some stuff for his upcoming remake of HalloweenOver the weekend, he finished a long week of filming, which included 6 new death scenes and a completely new ending scene, which is supposed to be pretty gruesome.  The plan was to up the amount of gore and violence significantly and it sounds like they’ve succeeded. 

I’m a little surprised to hear about re-shoots now, when the movie is scheduled to be in theaters August 31.  I hope this doesn’t push back the release date