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’11th Hour’ Trailer

July 9, 2007

dicaprio.gifJust as The Inconvenient Truth did, I’m sure this is going to spark some sort of controversy or debate, which can be a good thing if people are open minded and level headed enough to discuss it.  In any case, the 11th Hour is a documentary that Leonardo DiCaprio and a team of film makers have been working on for a couple years.  The film, as described by IMDB, is a look at the state of the global environment including visionary and practical solutions for restoring the planet’s ecosystems.  It looks to be one of those powerful, thought provoking pieces and I am looking forward to it’s August release.

Over at MySpace, Leo has unveiled the first trailer for the movie and it’s definitely worth checking out.  I would embed it, but this free version of wordpress doesn’t allow it, but you can click here and check it out.

‘King of Kong’ Trailer

June 19, 2007

kingofkong.gifI’ve been reading about this project, The King of Kong, for a while and now that I’ve watched the trailer, I’m even more interested in seeing it.  It’s a documentary about two Donkey Kong players, one is the record holder for the game and the other a highly skilled player trying to top the current dynasty.  It’ll be out August but in limited release.  If it’s playing near you, you should check it out.

Anyway, here’s the trailer.  Thoughts?

Kurt Cobain Doc Excerpt

June 12, 2007

cobain.gifThere is a documentary about Kurt Cobain making it’s way around the festival circuit. The film uses hours of real audio interviews between Cobain and biographer Michael Azzerad. It’s called Kurt Cobain: About a Son and if you’re interested in looking at it, the Documentary Blog has just posted a link to a clip on YouTube.

It looks pretty cool to me, although so people might not like the fact that it’s just his audio against a slide show of random video. There’s no word yet on a theatrical or DVD release.