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Zemeckis Takes ‘Express’ Approach For ‘A Christmas Carol’

July 5, 2007

zemeckis.gifApparently Robert Zemeckis plans on doing his own version of A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge, which to me sounds great. What is even more interesting is that he’s planning on using the same motion capture techniques he used in The Polar Express and the upcoming Beowulf to tell the story.

This comes to us from Empire Online, a site that recently sat down and talked with actor Bob Hoskins who willingly gave up the news:

“He’s going to make A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. He wants me to play Mr Fezziwig. He’s doing in that way he did Polar Express. You stand in a box with that funny suit on and it reads everything you do…Am I going to do it? Of course I am!”

I’d watch it.

Another Childhood Cartoon Franchise To Ruin, Here’s ‘The Chipmunks’

July 3, 2007

alvinchipmunks.gifI really had no idea this movie was in the works, but it’s far enough along to have it’s own poster.  Dave Seville is coming to the big screen along with Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.  I realize some of you may be unfamiliar with these names so let me explain.

These are characters from Alvin and the Chipmunks a popular cartoon series from my youth.  Basically Dave played dad/manager to these three singing chipmunks.  I know that might sound kind of lame, but I actually liked the show when I was younger.  Anyway so they’re making a live action movie out of it and there’s now picture of the poster online(click for a bigger version over at Coming Soon).

Here’s my problem with it.  I can’t help but think about how terrible the Garfield movies were and the upcoming Underdog movie looks just as bad.  Underdog should look like this, not like this.   I actually don’t think the chipmunks look that bad in the poster, they aren’t too realistic but they still don’t look much like the originals.  They are using the original voice talent at least.

I am a fan of Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl) so I hold on to some hope that this will turn out to be decent.  It’s due out December 14 of this year.

I know this kind of turned into a rant, so forgive me.

More Sequels On The Horizon

July 2, 2007

f4.gifMoviehole has gotten some information about some sequels that I felt was worth mentioning.

The first bit of news is about, and this may surprise you, another Fantastic Four sequel.  The move will depend mostly on who they can pit the Four against.  And it sounds like there might not be a Silver Surfer solo project, since the character worked well with in the most recent sequel.

And even though Transformers hasn’t even officially opened in the U.S. a follow up film is already being prepped.  I guess it’s gotten enough good buzz and they think they can make even more money with a sequel.  I can’t wait to see it, I’m going to watch it tonight.

And lastly, it seems likely that TMNT will be getting a sequel too.  Marvel’s Steve Murphy had this to say about it on his blog: “As of two weeks ago Imagi Entertainment (the TMNT movie animation studio) informed Mirage Studios that there was a 50-50 chance of a CGI film sequel. Last week they upped the odds to 70-30 in favor of a sequel, as talks between Imagi and their distribution partners Warner Brothers and the Weinstein Group seem to be heading in a positive direction…”

I thought the new TMNT movie was great and I can’t wait they go with the series should they go with a sequel.

Review — Ratatouille

June 30, 2007


It’s hard not to be excited whenever this Pixar brings a new feature film to theaters. The company has been an animation powerhouse ever since their very first feature, Toy Story, and they’ve continued with that same amount of momentum without losing any steam along the way. (And no, I’m not counting Cars. I know a lot of people didn’t like it but I don’t count it only because I haven’t seen it.) That brings us to the present day and the release of their 8th feature Ratatouille. It’s only a matter of time before the mighty fall, but today is not that day and I’m wondering if it ever come will for Pixar. To put it simply, this film is good. (more…)

Movie Poster Paradise

June 29, 2007

horton-thumb.gifOver in Amsterdam, an event know as Cinema Expo took place this week and with it came a plethora of brand new movie posters.  Some of the movies include: Horton Hears a Who, Stardust, Iron Man, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and Beowulf just to name a few.

If you’re interested in checking them out, click here (they are seperated by studio so there are pages).

Brand New ‘Simpsons’ Poster And Official Site Launch

June 29, 2007

simpsons-thumb.gifWith The Simpsons Movie just a few weeks away, it’s understandable for new goodies to be coming along for us to enjoy.  Today we get a brand new movie poster(click the pic for a larger version) but also, the official web site,,just launched as well.

The site has several games, downloads, and even a virtual tour of Springfield.   It’s a pretty cool and it should keep you at least a little busy until July 27 when the movie hits theaters.

Another Teaser For ‘WALL•E’

June 27, 2007

walle.gifThere is now a second teaser trailer for Pixar’s 2008 robot movie WALL•E. This one is located in the video game for Ratatouille which opens this week. The trailer is a commercial for a fictional company, Buy n Large, selling WALL•E units.  It also has a website address,, but it doesn’t work…yet.  This film is about a robot doing what he’s made to do, but will soon discover what he’s meant for.  I’ve got the trailer below, so check it out.