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‘Grindhouse’ Cut In Half for DVD Release

June 11, 2007

Bloody-Disgusting is reporting that Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, one half of the Grindhouse double-feature, will be released September18th on DVD.  However, there is no word on Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror getting a DVD release.  I was one of the people that really liked Grindhouse and while I’d rather not have to buy two seperate DVDs I’ll probably end up doing it.  I’m sure this splitting up has to do with the poor box office numbers the two films together posted.

It’s New To Me — Smokin’ Aces

June 10, 2007


Smokin’ Aces is an interesting case.

I had been looking forward to watching this one for quite some time. You’ve got a great cast in Jeremy Piven, Ray Liota, Ryan Reynolds, Andy Garcia, Ben Afleck, and Jason Bateman. I was looking forward to see the performances of Alicia Keys and Common (both of which I like). Plus it’s an action movie, which, as a man, is often the only characteristic needed to get me to watch.

The result was a solid movie, but not as great as I’d hoped.


Review: Night at the Museum

June 7, 2007

In an effort to keep up with my prolific associate, I’ve got another review of a movie that’s been out on DVD a little while in case anybody out there has yet to see it.

I saw Night at the Museum last night and Smokin’ Aces tonight, both of them surprising me. I expected Night at the Museum to fall flat, while I thought Smokin’ Aces would be enjoyable despite all the bad things I’d heard about it. I could not have had things more backwards. Smokin’ Aces is another review for another day, tonight let’s focus on Night at the Museum. (more…)

10 Items or Less

June 3, 2007

I went into 10 Items or Less knowing little more about it than the fact that Morgan Freeman played an actor studying for a film role and that Paz Vega was somehow involved. That was pretty much it. So with that in mind I sat down to watch this film and was not at all disappointed.

The plot is actually pretty simple and basically follows Morgan Freeman’s and Paz Vega’s characters as they work towards getting Vega’s character through a job interview, but the simplicity only served to get me more involved in the whole thing. I felt like I was in the backseat of the car riding around with the characters. It was great. Just imagine how cool it would be to actually hang out with Morgan Freeman for a day. In a sense, that is the essence of this movie. (more…)