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New To DVD This Week: July 10, 2007

July 10, 2007

The Last Mimzy
Based on the short story “Mimsy were the Borogoves”, it is the tale of a brother and sister who gain magical abilities after finding a toy box.

The Astronaut Farmer
An astronaut who was forced to retire in order to save his family’s farm decides to continue his dreams of space exploration by building his own rocket.

Sweet Land
A German woman, Inge, moves to Minnesota to marry Olaf, but because of pressure from the citizens and a lack of immigration papers, they are unable.  As time passes, they fall in love and must deal with the hardships of early America, including prejudice.

After The Wedding
Jacob Peterson has dedicated his life to helping Indian orphans, but when he receives a request from a rich businessman his life is forever changed.

New To DVD This Week: July 3, 2007

July 3, 2007

Blood Diamond
A mercenary and fisherman join up with an American journalist to search for a rare pink diamond hidden by the fisherman while we has forced to work in the diamond fields.

Our Very Own
The story of a small town in Tennessee where five teenagers set out to meet an actress returning home for her big movie premiere with hopes of following her back to Hollywood themselves.

Driving Lessons
A young boy’s life is changed when he begins to work for a retired actress in an attempt to escape from his mother.

The Patriot
Mel Gibson plays a peaceful farmer who leads the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution after his son is murdered by a redcoat.

New To DVD This Week: June 26, 2007

June 26, 2007

Black Snake Moan
Lazarus, a man bitter from love, finds Rae, a white trash nymphomaniac, beaten on the road outside of his house. In an attempt to repent for his own sins, he decides to cure her of her sickness in what turns out to be much more than a trashy, sexual comedy as Lazarus and Rae learn trust and companionship from each other.

Inspired by real events, Pride is the story of Jim Ellis starting a swim team for troubled teens in Philadelphia.

Dead Silence
After a man’s wife receives a doll and is murdered, he decides to investigate the story of Mary Shaw, a ventriloquist who was killed by the townspeople of Ravens Fair after killing a child who called her a fraud.

New To DVD This Week: June 19, 2007

June 19, 2007

Miss Potter
Beatrix Potter, a 30-year-old single woman who still lives with her parents, writes a book of stories about animals. When her publisher falls in love with the book and her, she begins to contemplate a way to escape her parents and London.

Bridge To Terabithia
Based on the novel of the same name, it is a story of two friends who invent a fantasy world in the woods that comes to life through their eyes.

Gray Matters
Gray and Sam are a brother and sister that are so close that everyone thinks they are dating, but when they decide to look for love, Gray’s world begins to fall apart when Sam succeeds in doing so.

The Nightcomers
Two orphans in the care of their governess and housekeeper become captivated by and begin to model their life after the warped lifestyle of the gardener. When the housekeeper discovers the love affair between the gardener and governess, she fires them, and the kids decide to fix things their own way.

New On DVD This Week

June 12, 2007

Ghost Rider
Based on the Marvel comic book, Johnny Blaze makes a deal with Mephistopheles to become the “Ghost Rider” and defeat his evil son Blackheart.

The Bridge
An emotionally powerful documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge and some of the many people who have gone to it to end their life.

Based on the true story of Robert Hanssen, an FBI agent who was convicted of selling secrets to the Soviet Union.

Blood & Chocolate
A young girl sees her family murdered and escapes into the woods and turns into a wolf. Years later, she meets a man and is torn between her love for him and her animal instinct to kill.

A group of people head to South Africa to capture a legendary 25-foot crocodile.

Days of Glory
The story of four North African men who join the French army during WWII to help free the country from the Nazis.