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Aronofsky To Helm ‘The Fighter’

July 9, 2007

aronofsky.gifI heard about this boxing biopic called The Fighter a couple of months ago.  Some really great boxing films already exist (Raging Bull for example) and I can’t help but wonder if anyone would care to see another. Me personally, I don’t mind as long as there is a good story to be told. At that point, it was rumored that Darron Aronofsky would direct the film which is about “Irish” Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) and his trainer/brother (Matt Damon).

But now, while talking with MTV Movie Blog, Wahlberg has all but confirmed that Aronofsky is indeed directing the film. “I talked to him [Aronofsky] on the phone two days ago. We’re going to sit down with Matt and just figure out when we can start it.”

Wahlberg seems to be pretty confident about the movie, even though it is still in early pre-production. “If it ain’t gonna be like “Raging Bull,” then it ain’t worth doing,” he exclaimed. “These guys, they have the story. Their lives are incredible. The things that they went through, and the things that they overcame and endured. It’s one of those amazing stories that I hope I get an opportunity to tell in my career. It’s going to be one of them gems.”

I mean that should get you kind of excited to see this one. To me it seems kind of early to be talking up the film. Cause if for some reason it ends up flopping, everyone will be going back to quote this interview. I expect good things, though. Great leading cast and an amazing director to boot. Maybe it could be the next Raging Bull?

Danny Boyle’s Thoughts On Eli Roth

July 6, 2007

danny-boyle.gifIt’s been kind of a slow day. Not a lot of news going on that I think is worth posting. But I did see this, and while it’s not necessarily hot news, I always like hearing what people in the film industry think about their peers.

At a recent screening of his upcoming movie Sunshine, Danny Boyle took the opportunity to give the New York Daily News his opinion about fellow director Eli Roth. “His movies aren’t even particularly well done. They’re not even scary. They’re horrible, but that’s not scary. It’s not suspense. And if you watch my films in detail, there’s actually not a lot of violence in them. You get numb with violence very quickly.”

Ouch. I wonder how Roth will respond or if he even cares? Personally, I think Roth has got talent but I’d like to see him do a different type of project in a different genre.

The Quick News — 7/5/07

July 5, 2007
  • bradpitt.gifSources say that Brad Pitt is set to star in a remake of the 1968classic Bullitt. The original starred Steve McQueen as a San Francisco cop looking to find the person responsible for the murder of a witness he was protecting. Pitt has been attached to the project for a while, but just recently has it been green lit.
  • Film ick has gotten word, from a usually reliable source, that Michel Gondry is in talks to take over for Tim Burton as director for the upcoming Ripley’s Believe it or Not! with Jim Carrey as the lead.
  • The New Haven Register recently interviewed Producer Frank Marshall to talk about Indiana Jones 4 and his involvement. Marshall discussed the want to shoot the new sequel in the same style as the last three films: “Steven [Spielberg] is very aware of the process and we’re not cheating with CG at all. It keeps the B movie feel.”
  • Variety reports that HBO and New Line Cinema are teaming up to bring Sex and the City to the big screen. The film is looking to start production this fall, with the original [four] leads reprising their roles. I personally, don’t care.
  • I’ve updated my blog roll, so check it out. New to the list are Asymmetric’s Movie Reviews and Laser Sharks (tech info and opinions).  Let me know if you want to be added.

‘Cloverfield’ Has A Director

July 2, 2007

pallbearer.gifThis has been an exciting piece of news lately.  Let me catch you up in case you’ve fallen behind.  Cloverfield is a secret project that J.J. Abrams has been affiliated and up until a couple weeks ago we really didn’t know much about other than that.  But now we’ve learned that it is some kind of monster movie set in New York.  The film was penned by Drew Goddard and Abrams will be producing.  Everything about this project leads me to believe it’s going to be awesome, I mean its being shot from POV with handheld video cameras.  That to me sounds awesome.

Also the teaser trailer is going to be shown in front of Transformers.

Now Ain’t It Cool, who has been bringing us these pretty frequent updates, has found out that the film’s director is Matt Reeves.   I don’t know a whole lot about this guy, but he’s done some writing and directed a feature, The Pallbearer, and directed episodes of several different TV shows.  I’m not sure what he’s capable of but I’m interested to find out.  This project is being kept pretty secretive, but I’ll keep you informed as I find out more.

One last thing, Cloverfield isn’t the official name for this film, it’s more-or-less a code-name, so when you see the trailer with Transformers don’t expect to see that name written all over it.

‘Vendetta’ Director’s Next Project ‘Bangkok 8’

June 27, 2007

jamemc.gifAccording to Variety, James McTeigue, directed V for Vendetta and re-shoots for Invasion, is attached to direct the recently optioned Bangkok 8, part of a three book series by John Burdett.

In the book, a detective with the Royal Thai Police Force tracks the murderers of his partner, and also a U.S. Marine. The trail leads through Bangkok’s drug and sex trade, and corrupt colleagues.

De Niro is Scorsese’s ‘Machine’

June 21, 2007

deniroscorsese.gif What can cause, arguably, two of the greatest movie powerhouses, Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, to stop working together for the past ten years? (Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, etc.) Actually, there isn’t any reason in particular, but it looks like the dry spell might be over.

Nikki Finke, over at Deadline Hollywood, is reporting that Martin Scorsese is now on board to direct The Winter of Frankie Machine, a project De Niro has been attached to for quite sometime. The story is about a retired hitman who gets back into the business for one last hit, but soon finds out he’s a target himself. Sounds pretty good, and these two sound perfectly suited for this one if you ask me.

This movie will mark the 9th time the two have worked together and they want to try to squeeze in and even 10 at some point.

Miller’s Business Is ‘Trouble’

June 20, 2007

frankmiller.gifFrank Miller has been named by Universal Pictures and Strike Entertainment to adapt the Raymond Chandler novella Trouble Is My Business.  The adaptation will be star vehicle for Clive Owen.  Miller and Owen previously worked together in Sin City.

According to Variety, Trouble Is My Business was chosen partly because it provides the actor with a similar chance to frame the narrative with a compelling voiceover, using Chandler’s hardboiled prose as hard-drinking private eye Philip Marlowe cracks cases, busts heads and romances femme fatales in 1940s Los Angeles.

“Frank Miller knows more about noir than anyone I have ever met, and clearly the writing of Raymond Chandler has been an enormous influence on his life and his work,” Owen said. “Miller adapting Chandler seemed like a perfect match.”

I think this is pretty exciting.  Both Miller and Owen are incredibly talented folks and I’ve no doubt they can pull it off.  Miller is also working on the film version of Will Eisner’s graphic novel The Spirit, and he is still set to co-direct Sin City 2 with .