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Shatner Is Definitely Not In ‘Trek XI’

July 10, 2007

shatner.gifIt’s officially official.  William Shatner is not in the new Star Trek movie.  How do I know?  There is now a video over at ShatnerVision that has him talking about it.  What’s worse is that Leonard Nimoy is getting to make an appearance in the film.  It seems kind of strange to have only one make an appearance.  I don’t really understand it.  Anyway, watch the video.  It’s good.

While we’re talking about the new Trek, there are rumors flying about that Zachary Quinto is in talks to play Spock.  Not sure how I feel about that one way or the other, but nothing is definite anyway.

The Quick News — 7/9/07

July 9, 2007

‘Watchmen’ Casting News

July 9, 2007

billy-crudup.gifCHUD is reporting today that Billy Crudup has been cast as Dr. Manhattan in Zack Synder’s Watchmen. Their report reads:

A very reliable source tells me that Snyder has settled on Crudup for the role of Watchmen’s only super-powered character, a scientist who accidentally gets annihilated on an atomic level and reconstructs himself into a big, naked, blue, floating demigod.

This is still speculation at this point, but they seem pretty confident about the news.  I imagine we’re going to get first hand news about casting during the Warner Bros. event at SDCC in a couple of weeks.

‘Indy 4’ Ends New Haven Shoot

July 9, 2007

indy4-newhaven.gifIndiana Jones 4 seems to be moving steadily along with it’s shooting and just finished in New Haven this past week. For the movie, the town was given a face-lift in a lot of places to give the appearance of 1957 New Haven/Yale. Coming Soon has got a bunch of photos that someone took while the production was in town. The shots are mostly of some of the vintage automobiles used in the movie, but you can check them out here if you’re interested.

Besides New Haven, the production also did some shooting in Essex, CT at the Essex Steam Train. This shoot was only a one day thing, but there are some nice pictures of the train station’s new look here. One fan got to watch the shooting for that day and wrote about his experience. Apparently, the train station scene will end up playing a larger part than we might think:


‘Swing Vote’ Cast Gets Bigger

July 9, 2007

dennis-hopper.gifVariety is reporting some casting news for Swing Vote.  The film, which already had Kevin Cosner attached, has Cosner playing an apathetic working-class single dad who’s thrust on the world stage when the presidential election comes down to his vote.  It’s a comedy.  I like Cosner and the new additions are pretty good too:  Dennis Hopper, Nathan Lane, Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci, George Lopez and newcomer Madeline Carroll.

Hopper and Grammer will play the Democratic candidate and Republican incumbent, while Lane and Tucci will play their respective campaign managers.  Lopez will play the local TV station manager whose town is descended upon by the political machinery of both parties.

The premise is at least interesting and seems to be somewhat original, there could be a similar movie but I can’t think of one right now.  The cast seems potentially capable of producing laughs, but even though it starts shooting this month, we won’t see it until sometime next year.

The Quick News — 7/7/07

July 7, 2007

Project ‘Cloverfield’ Has A Cast

July 6, 2007

1-18-08.gifSo if you’re reading this you should already be up-to-speed on what Cloverfield is, but if somehow you’ve managed to miss all the news check here and here.

Now, we are finally being given some official casting news.  Apparently, casting for this movie has been just as mysterious and secretive as the movie itself.  No script or scene pages were sent to anyone, potential actors were simply asked if they were interested in participating.  From this process, a cast, of mostly unknowns, was formed —  Michael Stahl-David (The Black Donnellys), Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel (Poseidon) and Lizzie Caplan (The Class).

This monster/disaster movie is really starting to take shape.  I only hope it can live up to all of the hype it’s getting.