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New ‘Spiderwick’ Teaser Online

July 10, 2007

spiderwick.gifIt seems thats fantasy book big screen adaptations are becoming increasingly popular, and profitable, and so Hollywood keeps churning them out.  The latest, The Spiderwick Chronicles, is based upon a youth series of the same name about a group of siblings and the adventures that they get into upon discovering a book.  I have never read these books, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying any of the other countless adaptations, so I doubt it will matter much here.  This is how IMDB describes it: Upon moving into the run-down Spiderwick Estate with their mother, twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace, along with their sister Mallory, find themselves pulled into an alternate world full of faeries and other creatures.

Now, we can get our first look at the film via this teaser trailer.  So far the movie looks good and I’m a fan of the actor choices, at least the ones with which I’m familiar.  I don’t know if I’m tired of what but in one see the special effects looked to be lacking a bit.  Regardless, overall there’s enough here to like and it gives us something to look forward to on February 15 2008.

The Quick News — 7/9/07

July 9, 2007

Another Childhood Cartoon Franchise To Ruin, Here’s ‘The Chipmunks’

July 3, 2007

alvinchipmunks.gifI really had no idea this movie was in the works, but it’s far enough along to have it’s own poster.  Dave Seville is coming to the big screen along with Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.  I realize some of you may be unfamiliar with these names so let me explain.

These are characters from Alvin and the Chipmunks a popular cartoon series from my youth.  Basically Dave played dad/manager to these three singing chipmunks.  I know that might sound kind of lame, but I actually liked the show when I was younger.  Anyway so they’re making a live action movie out of it and there’s now picture of the poster online(click for a bigger version over at Coming Soon).

Here’s my problem with it.  I can’t help but think about how terrible the Garfield movies were and the upcoming Underdog movie looks just as bad.  Underdog should look like this, not like this.   I actually don’t think the chipmunks look that bad in the poster, they aren’t too realistic but they still don’t look much like the originals.  They are using the original voice talent at least.

I am a fan of Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl) so I hold on to some hope that this will turn out to be decent.  It’s due out December 14 of this year.

I know this kind of turned into a rant, so forgive me.

Thomas Jane Talks ‘Watchmen’

June 28, 2007

thomasjane.gifShockTillYouDrop got a chance to chat with actor Thomas Jane about his upcoming directorial debut The Dark Country. Of course the conversation shifted gears and the actor was asked about the rumors concerning him being casted as the Comedian in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen.

“Is it on the Internet?” Jane asks. Yessir, Tom. It’s out there. “Yeah,” the actor responds in a slow drawl. “I’m staying quiet about it. I know that Zack’s interested and that’s a great compliment.”

If you want to check out more of the interview on The Dark Country, check it out here.

Gosling Delights In ‘Lovely Bones’

June 28, 2007

ryangosling.gifVariety reports that Ryan Gosling is has now been cast to star opposite Rachel Weisz in Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones.  I told you a little about this film a while back and I really hope this one turns out to be good.  With Weisz, Gosling, and Jackson all on board my hopes are high.

The story, which is an adaptation of the Alice Sebold best-selling novel, revolves around a young girl who has been murdered and watches over her family — and her killer — from heaven. Girl must weigh her desire for vengeance against her desire for her family to heal.  Gosling will play the father of the little girl, and Weisz the mother.

Shooting is set to being in October.

‘Vendetta’ Director’s Next Project ‘Bangkok 8’

June 27, 2007

jamemc.gifAccording to Variety, James McTeigue, directed V for Vendetta and re-shoots for Invasion, is attached to direct the recently optioned Bangkok 8, part of a three book series by John Burdett.

In the book, a detective with the Royal Thai Police Force tracks the murderers of his partner, and also a U.S. Marine. The trail leads through Bangkok’s drug and sex trade, and corrupt colleagues.

‘Iron Man’ Finished Filming

June 26, 2007

favreau.gifIt’s official, principal photography has finished for the Iron Man movie. Jon Favreau talks about the last shoot day and possibly alludes to a cameo by Hillary Swank on his MySpace group:

Principal photography ended with a huge bang as we filmed the final scenes of Iron Man in Caesar’s Palace. As many of you already know, gambling is a casino’s top priority. A production can not interfere with their cash cow. As a result, movies must shoot during the dead hours, no matter if it’s Swingers or Rain Man. We were given a window of midnight to one the next afternoon to do all of our work. Part of our strategy to prepare for these ungodly hours was to stay up as late as possible the night before and sleep as late as possible. I did half the plan. The wrong half. I stayed out until 7AM and then woke up four hours later. After motoring through the delerium of a sleepless shooting marathon, I am proud to report that we have handily completed our movie on time and on budget. What a great way to end.

I would also like to thank Ceasars for their hospitality, generosity, and Swank accomodations.

Man, I can’t wait until next year.