The Trailer Guide — ‘Valley of Elah’, ‘Get Smart’, and ‘Fred Claus’

vallyofelah.gifI usually do ‘Trailer Guides’ at the end of the week, but who says I can’t change the rules? Plus there are several new trailers available online today, so it’s just easier.

In the Valley of Elah
Another emotionally driven movie from director Paul Haggis (Crash). In the Valley of Elah tells the story of a young soldier that goes AWOL shortly after he returns to the States. The boys father (Tommy Lee Jones) goes searching for him and enlists the aid of a police detective (Charlize Theron) in the place the boy was last seen. Susan Sarandon also stars. This movie looks good. The performances look solid and I already feel a bit invested in the characters despite having only seen the trailer. Be sure to look for this one September 21.

Get Smart
It’s time to bring another popular television series to the big screen. Get Smart, which stars Steve Carrell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Alan Arkin, follows Maxwell Smart(Carrell), a bumbling detective who is part of the elite CONTROL squad as the constantly battle to stop the evil forces of KAOS. This is just a teaser trailer and it doesn’t have a lot to offer. We see Carrell in some pretty silly situations and we barely get a glimpse at any of the other characters. You can’t really judge a film by and early teaser trailer though. I mean you could, and I often do, but I say that because I believe the film will be funnier then the trailer has led me to believe it will be. They’ve still got a lot of time to work on it though, because this one won’t be out til June of next year.

Fred Claus
Paul Giamatti and Vince Vaughn star in this holiday comedy. Fred Claus(Vaughn) always had a tough time being in his younger brother’s, Nicholas Claus(Giamatti), shadow. While, Nick was always being the model son, Fred became the polar opposite. When Fred ends up in jail, Nick offers to bail him out if he comes to work at his shop in the North Pole. This film could really go either way. I like the actors involved and the premise isn’t bad, however, that doesn’t always ensure a good movie. This one will be out November 9 of this year.

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One Comment on “The Trailer Guide — ‘Valley of Elah’, ‘Get Smart’, and ‘Fred Claus’”

  1. Diamond C Says:

    awesome trailer. i am sooo ready.

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