New To DVD This Week: July 10, 2007

The Last Mimzy
Based on the short story “Mimsy were the Borogoves”, it is the tale of a brother and sister who gain magical abilities after finding a toy box.

The Astronaut Farmer
An astronaut who was forced to retire in order to save his family’s farm decides to continue his dreams of space exploration by building his own rocket.

Sweet Land
A German woman, Inge, moves to Minnesota to marry Olaf, but because of pressure from the citizens and a lack of immigration papers, they are unable.  As time passes, they fall in love and must deal with the hardships of early America, including prejudice.

After The Wedding
Jacob Peterson has dedicated his life to helping Indian orphans, but when he receives a request from a rich businessman his life is forever changed.

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One Comment on “New To DVD This Week: July 10, 2007”

  1. jepha Says:

    btw guys, sorry this one went up so late.

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