Two Movies Get New Posters

the-comebacks.gifTime to start the day off with some poster exclusives.  Well, I guess they’re online exclusives anyway.  I’ve actually seen this first one at my local movie theater already.

The film is The Comebacks, which is about a football coach with the worst record in sports history, played by the hilarious David Koechner, as he vows to turn things around with a new group of recruits made up of losers and misfits.  It is more or less a spoof of all those feel good sports films.  I’m actually surprised Will Ferrell isn’t involved since he’s been all about sports comedys with several of his past works.  Anyway, if you want to check out the fill version of this poster, click on over to Coming Soon.

The next poster is for Australian release of a new horror film.  About a crocodile.  Again.  I don’t know really see the interest in these movies anymore.  I’m mean sure maybe the first few of its kind were scary, but you can only do so much with the subject before it becomes boring and lame.  This one is called Rogue and it’s basically about this American journalist, on assignment somewhere in the Australian outback, that encounters this ‘rogue’ crocodile.  The poster for it is here.  It’s got a very Jaws-esque feel to it.  It will premiere in the States in October of this year.

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