‘Indy 4’ Ends New Haven Shoot

indy4-newhaven.gifIndiana Jones 4 seems to be moving steadily along with it’s shooting and just finished in New Haven this past week. For the movie, the town was given a face-lift in a lot of places to give the appearance of 1957 New Haven/Yale. Coming Soon has got a bunch of photos that someone took while the production was in town. The shots are mostly of some of the vintage automobiles used in the movie, but you can check them out here if you’re interested.

Besides New Haven, the production also did some shooting in Essex, CT at the Essex Steam Train. This shoot was only a one day thing, but there are some nice pictures of the train station’s new look here. One fan got to watch the shooting for that day and wrote about his experience. Apparently, the train station scene will end up playing a larger part than we might think:

But the best part was watching the famous Ford/Spielberg combo at work. They work together so well- they were like a well-oiled machine; their pace was smooth, relaxed, yet intense. There was no ego, no agenda, or clashing. They were devoted to making the best film they could. It was almost as if they had come full circle- those guys with so much credential and nothing left to prove. You could almost say they had gone back to what filmmaking is all about, the love of the craft. It was a true privilege to have had access to all this and I felt so blessed to be able to watch them at close range.

Contrary to what most people think, the scenes shot at Essex are genuinely emotional and are pivotal to the film- I won’t say much because these are major, major spoilers, and I have too much respect for this film to disclose what is going on, but I have to say they definitely have something going with the 4th episode in the Indiana Jones series.

And one last little bit of casting news. Rumors are flying around that Andrew Divoff, “Patchy” the indestructible from Lost, has joined the cast. Very little else is known at this point, but I’m sure he’ll add his own special presence to the film.

May 22nd is too far away. I wish I could seen the film sooner. I guess good things come to those who wait, but waiting is for the birds. I’m doing my best to bring you all the latest news on the film without giving any spoilers so that once the film does come around you can at least be a surprised. Keep me posted on anything you guys might find.

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