Aronofsky To Helm ‘The Fighter’

aronofsky.gifI heard about this boxing biopic called The Fighter a couple of months ago.  Some really great boxing films already exist (Raging Bull for example) and I can’t help but wonder if anyone would care to see another. Me personally, I don’t mind as long as there is a good story to be told. At that point, it was rumored that Darron Aronofsky would direct the film which is about “Irish” Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) and his trainer/brother (Matt Damon).

But now, while talking with MTV Movie Blog, Wahlberg has all but confirmed that Aronofsky is indeed directing the film. “I talked to him [Aronofsky] on the phone two days ago. We’re going to sit down with Matt and just figure out when we can start it.”

Wahlberg seems to be pretty confident about the movie, even though it is still in early pre-production. “If it ain’t gonna be like “Raging Bull,” then it ain’t worth doing,” he exclaimed. “These guys, they have the story. Their lives are incredible. The things that they went through, and the things that they overcame and endured. It’s one of those amazing stories that I hope I get an opportunity to tell in my career. It’s going to be one of them gems.”

I mean that should get you kind of excited to see this one. To me it seems kind of early to be talking up the film. Cause if for some reason it ends up flopping, everyone will be going back to quote this interview. I expect good things, though. Great leading cast and an amazing director to boot. Maybe it could be the next Raging Bull?

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3 Comments on “Aronofsky To Helm ‘The Fighter’”

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  2. mc Says:

    sounds promising…

    i can’t wait to see what aronofsky delivers.

  3. Heather Says:

    Well, it will bring in numbers as Damon had to pull out and guess who is going in to play Ward’s half brother…Damon’s Ocean’s brother Mr. Brad Pitt. Think people will want to see it now?

    There are always Bud Lite banner signs outside of this one dive bar in the Acre (Hood/Ghetto) section of Lowell, MA wishing Ward luck…even to this day. He’s still talked about in the grocery store, the bars and in passing on the streets of Lowell, MA.

    As an actress, now back in Lowell, MA, this is one film I would die for a role in and not because of Pitt or Wahlberg, but because of the story of Micky Ward. He is considered a “son” to all in the city…possibly the state.

    In all honesty, if they do film here, I don’t see the city ready for all the “Hollywood” hoopla. They could never do the film justice if they filmed anywhere else though. I hope they’re smart about it and film it here. It wouldn’t be real if they didn’t.

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