Weekend Roll Call: 7-9-07

transformer logoThe carousel that is the number one box office spot continues again this week, to absolutely no one’s surprise. The robots won the holiday weekend and won big. There weren’t too many surprises this weekend, so it shouldn’t take me too long to go over the numbers. Game on.Transformers took the number one spot this week in devastating fashion. Shia LeBeouf and the shape-shifting cars danced all the way to bank with a huge $152.5 million (since this Monday). Those are near record numbers. Technically that breaks a record for first week revenues by a non-sequel which was set by the original Spiderman (which banked $151.6 million), but that’s only because of today’s higher ticket prices. Spiderman got more real viewers.

That’s still an excellent showing, and I expect that it will continue to make Spielberg and Michael Bay very, very, wealthy. It will be interesting to see if Harry Potter and his classmates can knock it off the top of the mountain.

Coming in miles behind in the number two spot was Pixar’s Ratatouille, earning $29 million.

Bruce Willis and Live Free or Die Hard took the third slot with $17.4 million, followed by newcomer License to Wed at a sad fourth place opening of $10.4 million. I agonized over where this movie would actually place in the top five. In retrospect I should have seen it coming. Comedies usually don’t make that much money on the first weekend anyway.

Bringing in the rear at fifth is Evan Almighty. Steve Carell and that ark managed to avoid being capsized by the giant wave Transformers created this weekend. The Noah themed comedy took home $8.11 million, at least making more than me.

Top 5 Results:

1. Transformers – $152.5 million

2. Ratatouille – $29 million

3. Live Free or Die Hard – $17.4 million

4. License to Wed – $10.4 million

5. Evan Almighty – $8.11 million

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