Pics Of Will Smith On ‘John Hancock’ Set

will-smith-john-hancock.gifEven though we’re still waiting for the release of I Am Legend, Will Smith is already in the process of working on his next film, John Hancock ( previously titled Tonight, He Comes).  The movie is about a superhero who falls out of public favor and ends up turning into an alcoholic.  A PR guy (Jason Bateman), that Smith’s character once helped, decides to try and help him rebuild his public image.  Things get messy when Smith hooks up with Bateman’s wife, Charlize Theron.  Sounds like an interesting premise to me.  The film is directed by Peter Berg.

Anyway, my point was to show you all some photos of Smith on the set of the film.  Head on over to JustJared if you want to check them out.  In the pics, Smith looks a bit goofy as a booze-hound , but I’d imagine that is the point.  They’ve got him on some wires so they can simulate flying later, at least thats my guess.  Anyway, it gives you an early look at his character at least, but this one won’t be in theaters until July 2, 2008.

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