Milk Can’t Stop ‘The Man of Steel’

superman.gifJust a couple of days ago, I reported that there was news of The Man of Steel being delayed by another movie, The Mayor of Castro Street, a biopic about Harvey Milk. The news came as quite a shock, especially since Bryan Singer, set to direct both films, had already said the Superman sequel would be his next project after his current one, Valkyrie.

Well, that didn’t sit right with the folks at IESB, so they decided to contact some of Singer’s people to get a confirmation. As it turns out their hunch was right. This is what their source had to say, “That’s total horse sh**, I would say the same thing if I was producing that film but don’t you realize that most of the Superman producers are working with Bryan on Valkyrie? Gil Adler and Chris Lee both are in Germany with Bryan and I can guarantee you that there is some work being done with Superman right now.”

So there you have it Superman fans, it looks like the film is still on schedule to start in early 2008. Why would the Mayor producers make such comments though? “It’s their job as producers to keep that movie on their front burner, but really, Bryan’s deal with Warner Bros. for the Superman sequel is already done and signed and that’s the priority,” say the sources.

I’ll keep you posted if anything else comes up concerning this issue.

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