Just A Quick Word

Hey everyone.  Sorry this has turned into “Cloverfield Central” the past couple of days, but it’s something I’m interested in and I think a lot of you are too.  I just want you to know I’m doing my best to comb through the news and post stuff I think is worth posting about.  Sometimes I’ll get off track, but hey no one is perfect.

I got a lot of big things in the works.  I’m in the process of trying to move to my own domain, giving me more freedom to change up the layout and also host some of my own stuff for everyone to look at instead of just linking all the time.  If you’ve got any suggestions or just some stuff you want to see let me know.

Thanks for reading


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One Comment on “Just A Quick Word”

  1. Shaun Says:

    Keep up the good work sir. Loving all of the “Cloverfield” information.

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