And Now A Word From Jon Favreau

favreau.gifIt’s been a while since we’ve had any kind of update — no news, no trailers, no nothing– about Iron Man and that is just kind of depressing. The film’s director, Jon Favreau, finally had some time to post a message to everyone on his MySpace blog. In it he discusses the story, cameos, and Comic-Con.

He starts out by acknowledging the fact that there wasn’t a trailer out in front of Transformers, or anywhere for that matter, but then goes on to say that, “[We’ve] secured a prime slot Saturday afternoon in the big room at SDCC. We will split an hour with Marvel and Hulk and plan to cut something together to reward the fans for their interest, support and patience. ” Sounds to me like Comic-Con fans are in for a treat, which sucks because I was trying to make plans to go, but it didn’t work out. Fear not loyal readers, my brother will be on hand at the convention and will be providing me with first hand information about all things movie related. At least that is the plan.

He then goes on to try and answer some questions about the story and about what villains might be showing up. “We took certain liberties to keep things fresh and unexpected but we are essentially using the books to inspire our story. Iron Man fans should have no problem piecing together what’s what.” He goes on to reiterate that he considers this to be the first chapter in the Iron Man story and says that this film definitely leaves the door open for more movies, should the first perform well.

Lastly, the blog hits on the rumors of cameos. He doesn’t confirm anything, in fact he pretty much debunks all of them, except maybe one. “I’ve read that Sam Jackson and Hilary Swank are Shield agents and that I myself play a Vegas security guard. There is no truth to any of these rumors. (Well, maybe one is true.)”

So much secrecy!  Oh well, perhaps it will make us enjoy it all the more when it is released  May 9, 2008.   That’s too far away.

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