Spawn Joins ‘The Dark Knight’

jaiwhite.gifMTV has gotten confirmation that Michael Jai White has joined the cast of The Dark Knight, which is currently being filmed. I don’t know if this is really considered a spoiler, but be forewarned that it does give some character and plot info:

“…the role of “Gamble” has officially gone to Michael Jai White, the muscular martial artist/stuntman/actor best known for roles in such films as “Spawn” and “Exit Wounds.” Thomas and Roven also cleared up fan confusion over who, exactly, the baddie is, explaining that Gamble is one of several mob bosses attempting to take over Gotham’s streets now that Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson in the first ‘Batman’ flick) is out of the picture.”

I just don’t think this movie can fail. *knock on wood* It’s due to hit theaters in 2008.

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