My Thoughts On The ‘Cloverfield’ Trailer

*UPDATE: New stuff added here and here.

Based on the number of hits I’m getting from people looking at Cloverfield articles, I’d guess it’s pretty popular. I thought I’d give you an overview of the trailer and tell you what I thought.

I sat there watching the previews, waiting. I felt like the only person in the theater who knew what was coming at any moment, our first look at the Cloverfield trailer. I’m going to be describing the trailer so if you don’t want to read about it stop now.

It opens at a going away party. A guy is walking around videotaping everyone and asks them to say a few words for their friend who is leaving (I don’t know why but I can’t remember his name) and we see everything from this video cameras perspective. There is a blackout and an earthquake and the group decides to go on to the roof to see whats going on. Then there’s a huge explosion and fire balls and people are screaming and running down the stairs (the jostling of the camera makes the picture cut in and out) until they get outside and see this huge object being thrown. It’s the head of the Statue of Liberty.

It was pretty incredible. You don’t ever get a look at whats doing the destruction but you can tell it’s a force to be reckoned with. I really like the whole POV with the video camera style and I’m anxious to see what happens with this one. According to the trailer, we’ll find out on 1-18-08.

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