The Quick News — 7/02/08

  • snake.gifAin’t It Cool has apparently gotten their hands on an early script for the Escape from New York remake that is currently in the works. The review suggests that the new version is quite similar to the original with a few new ideas thrown into the mix. It’s pretty spoilerific but if you want to check out the review you can do so here.
  • MSNBC is reporting some troubles on the set of Speed Racer. There were some reports of animal abuse and that monkey being used for the movie had bitten a young actor. While the monkey biting was true, reports of monkey abuse appear to be speculation at this point.
  • Word has it that the sequel to the mildly popular Alien vs. Predator has changed names again. What was once being called Alien vs. Predator: AVP2, among others, is now being referred to as Aliens vs. Predator. It’s a very subtle change. Did you catch it?
  • A few new Dark Knight set photos have shown up on the net. These aren’t much to look at but we’re given details about whats going on in the pics. If you want to check it out head over to here.
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