‘Cloverfield’ Has A Director

pallbearer.gifThis has been an exciting piece of news lately.  Let me catch you up in case you’ve fallen behind.  Cloverfield is a secret project that J.J. Abrams has been affiliated and up until a couple weeks ago we really didn’t know much about other than that.  But now we’ve learned that it is some kind of monster movie set in New York.  The film was penned by Drew Goddard and Abrams will be producing.  Everything about this project leads me to believe it’s going to be awesome, I mean its being shot from POV with handheld video cameras.  That to me sounds awesome.

Also the teaser trailer is going to be shown in front of Transformers.

Now Ain’t It Cool, who has been bringing us these pretty frequent updates, has found out that the film’s director is Matt Reeves.   I don’t know a whole lot about this guy, but he’s done some writing and directed a feature, The Pallbearer, and directed episodes of several different TV shows.  I’m not sure what he’s capable of but I’m interested to find out.  This project is being kept pretty secretive, but I’ll keep you informed as I find out more.

One last thing, Cloverfield isn’t the official name for this film, it’s more-or-less a code-name, so when you see the trailer with Transformers don’t expect to see that name written all over it.

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