‘Valkyrie’ Not Banned After All

tomcruise.gifA few days ago, I reported all the drama going on with Valkyrie, the WWII thriller from Bryan Singer.  The film is set to star Tom Cruise as Claus Schenk Graf von Strauffenberg, a German officer who was part of a failed attempt at assassinating  Hitler.  The drama started with the Strauffenberg family disapproving of Cruise because of his beliefs, he’s part of the Church of Scientology, then German government chimed in with similar concerns.  It was big news.  Well today, the news is a little different.

It seems that the film is getting backing from the local film industry there and looks to be getting the greenlight from government as well.

Dirk Kuehnau, head of the Bundesanstalt fuer Immobilienaufgaben (BIMA), said of the situation, “In this country we have constitutionally guaranteed rights.  Articles four and five of the constitution protect freedom of faith and creed and freedom of expression. I don’t think those rights would be denied a film actor.”

And really it seems like Cruises beliefs weren’t the main problem for some, but the fact that the courtyard in which Stauffenberg and his fellow conspirators were shot is now a memorial, but the building in which it’s located, the Bendlerblock, also houses part of the German Ministry of Defense.

So I guess the film will get to shoot in Germany, afterall.  Of course things could change and if they do, I’ll let you know.

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