‘Cloverfield’ Info

jjabrams.gifAin’t It Cool has been doing some reporting about J.J. Abrams new project Cloverfield, at least that’s what they’re calling it for now. This project has been shrouded in mystery but it seems like we may finally be getting some answers. It seems that aside from Abrams being involved, although probably not directing, Drew Goddard has written the script. So what’s it all about? Set in in New York, the pic seems to focus on some large scale destruction in the form of an earthquakes.

Apparently a spy saw this trailer and sent their description into AICN:

‘I just saw the Cloverfield trailer at work and it’s going to be pretty intense! It is from the perspective of people’s camera in NYC. A huge earthquake breaks up a going away party. The people at the party go to the roof top just in time to catch lower Manhatten erupt into a ball of fire! They make their way to the street to witness the head of the statue of liberty fly down the street, end clip with screaming! Insane!’

Although no actual shoots have taken place, a trailer has been filmed and Moriarty, from AICN, believes it might be showing with Transformers next week. I really like this idea, and if all this is true, I hope it gets executed properly.

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