A ‘Brave’ Poster And Trailer

braveposter.gifThere is a new poster, which you can see a bigger version of by clicking the picture to the right (via Cinematical), for Jodie Foster’s The Brave One. I’ve told you nothing about it though, so why should you care? Well it looks like it could be a pretty good movie. Foster play Erica, a woman who is attacked while on a leisurely walk with her dog and boyfriend (i think). She wakes up and the dude is dead and the dog is a gone and she decides to seek justice her own way. It’s revenge in case you were wondering. There is a trailer you can watch here and I suggest you do.

The film looks to be gritty and Foster looks pretty amazing, both in the role and just in general. Look for this one to hit theaters on September 14 of this year.

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