‘Indiana Jones’ First Shoot Day Video

indianajones1.gifLast Monday was the first day of shooting on the set of Indiana Jones 4 and the folks at IndianaJones.com were given some of that footage to put up for our viewing. The video is a montage of that first day’s shoots and includes Steven Spielberg toasting the cast and crew, Spielberg directing, and George Lucas hanging around. Don’t worry about spoilers cause there aren’t any to be had, in fact you don’t even get to see any of the main cast.

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3 Comments on “‘Indiana Jones’ First Shoot Day Video”

  1. yippiee….i grew up on ole indy!!!!

  2. ps- i so love the wordpress snap preview panes…technology is so cool!!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Yeah, I’m getting excited about this one! And yeah, it’s a nice feature. Any movies you’re wanting to hear about? I’ll try to get some info for ya.

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