Family Says “No” To Cruise In ‘Valkyrie’

tomcruise.gifRecently, I told you about some casting news about Bryan Singer’s WWII thriller Valkyrie. The film focuses on Nazi officer Claus Schenk Graf von Strauffenberg (Tom Cruise) in his attempt to carry out an assassination attempt on Hitler. Cinematical has been, and continues, to report that Strauffenberg’s family doesn’t like the idea of Tom Cruise playing their husband/father. Today’s remarks come from his son, but they seem to stem from Cruises faith in Scientology and not his merits as an actor.

ComingSoon is also talking about this story, but they are reporting that Germany Defense Ministry spokesman Harald Kammerbauer says that the country is refusing to let the moviebe shot there, citing Cruises affiliation with Scientology as the reason. In Germany, the Church of Scientology is not recognized as a Church.

In response to this United Artists Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Paula Wagner released the following statement regarding the matter:

“To set the record straight, ‘Valkyrie’ is a historically accurate thriller that presents the World War Two resistance hero Col. Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg as the heroic and principled figure he was, and we believe it will go a long way towards reminding the world that even within the ranks of the German military there was real resistance to the Nazi regime. ‘Valkyrie’ was originated and brought to United Artists by Bryan Singer and Christopher McQuarrie. Based on the fantastic screenplay written by Mr. McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander, we gave it the green light. Mr. Singer, the director, then offered the role of Col. Stauffenberg to Tom Cruise because he thought he was perfect for the part. Aside from his obvious admiration of the man he is portraying, Mr. Cruise’s personal beliefs have absolutely no bearing on the movie’s plot, themes, or content. And even though we could shoot the movie anywhere in the world, we believe Germany is the only place we can truly do the story justice.”

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