Excerpt From ‘Zak and Miri…’

kevinsmith.gifI told you before a little bit about Kevin Smith’s newest comedy project, Zack and Miri Make a Porno — I don’t make up the titles I just report them. I’m actually a big fan of Smith’s and have been interested to see how this film would turn out.

Anyway, he released a single page from the script to Entertainment Weekly and they have since posted it online. It doesn’t really give away anything, just shows you what to expect. EW substituted all the profanity with the word ‘cuddle.’ The film is about two loser character who are in a rut in their lives, who decide to make a porno.  Rosario Dawson is reportedly in talks to play the part of Miri.  Obviously this isn’t a family film, but if you’re interested check it out.

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