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What I know of Stephen King is that he does good work. And when properly adapted, his stories make really fantastic movies. At a time where horror movies consist of horny, undersexed teens and gratuitous scenes of violence comes 1408, the latest in the legacy of King adaptations. But is it good? Let me answer that by imposing my own question. Pardon my phrasing, but have you ever been mind raped? I know that sounds a little awkward, but thats exactly what this movie does to you, but it’s not really as bad as it sounds. Really. Let me explain.

John Cusack stars as Mike Enslin a one time novelist, who now spends his time traveling the country rating haunted hotels their scariness. Mike’s life took a turn in this direction after he lost young daughter to cancer. After that, he uprooted himself from his old life and moved away from New York, leaving even his wife behind.

As fate would have it, his career takes him back to New York to investigate room 1408 of The Dolphin Hotel. Once he arrives, the hotel manager (Samuel L. Jackson) attempts to talk him out of staying in the room, to no avail. Poor Mike should have listened. This is where the mind raping comes into play. The scenes in the hotel room really screw with your head. If you haven’t read the book this is based on, then don’t. You’ll want to be surprised, cause I’m not going to ruin it for you here.

I’m reminded of other movies like Cast Away where we see one actor on screen working their magic and this is another perfect example. Cusack gives an amazing performance in this movie, and he is truly an amazing presence to watch on screen. We don’t get some stale lifeless character, we get a real, emotional human being. Kudos to Cusack. But I can’t forget to mention the small supporting roles of Mary McCormack, Jasmine Jessica Anthony, and Samuel L. Jackson, who rarely fails to get my approval. Often times, actors in smaller supporting roles seem to just, pardon the cliche, seem to phone in their performances, but everyone here does well to add to the overall story.

The director, Mikael Håfström, does a remarkable job bringing this story the big screen working from a wonderfully written script by Matt Greenberg and duo Alexander & Karaszewsk.

1408 makes you remember when you use to sleep with a night light and makes you wish you still did. This is the kind of horror movies we should be seeing more of these days, ones where you don’t have a check your brain at the ticket counter. This is definitely one of the best movies out there, go check it out.

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One Comment on “Review — 1408”

  1. Lori Says:

    Very nice, Zo. I give your review a thumbs up!

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