Filming Report For ‘Dark Knight’

jokerface.gifI know, I posted a lot of Dark Knight information yesterday, but can you blame me? Batman Begins was a great restart to the franchise and so of course I’m just as excited about the next one. With that being said, JoBlo has some insider information in regards some scenes that have been filmed for the movie. I’ll post a little here, but if you want to read the whole thing go check it out here. Be warned, mild spoilers:

The scene is a fundraiser for Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and it was in the lobby for either a hotel of some sort or of Bruce Wayne’s mansion. First part of the night was Eckhart coming in from an elevator and making his entrance. Michael Caine was there and filming his shot for a good three hours…

There is plenty more to read, so you should check it out.

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