Wilson Confirms Nite Owl? And Other Casting Rumors…

wilson.gifIn an interview with Coming Soon.net/Superhero Hype!, actor Patrick Wilson has pretty much said he’s accepted the offer to play Nite Owl in Zack Synder’s Watchmen. Now, he doesn’t actually come out and confirm it, but if you look at his approach to answering the interviewers questions, well….you decide:

SHH!: Totally, and if it is true you’d be a good fit for that role, if you were hypothetically to play it.
Wilson: (sarcastic) If by chance I did have… when does your story run?
SHH!: Probably a couple weeks.
Wilson: Oh yeah, well by then I would imagine there might be… I mean, I would blab my mouth ’cause I certainly haven’t been told to keep quiet. It’s just out of respect for them trying to get everybody else on board before I go ahead and blab my mouth, but it’s pretty cool. It’s exciting stuff.

Of course thats just a small snippet of the actual interview, but based on that…anyway.  In other casting news: AICN is reporting that Jason Patric is now being sought to play Dr. Manhattan; Coming Soon is reporting that Jackie Earle Haley has supposedly been cast as Rorschach; and then at various sites there’s talk of Billy Crudup, Thomas Jane, Ron Pearlman, and Nathan Fillian have all been talked about to play various roles, some that may have already been filled by other people.  I’ll do my best to keep you up to date on new developments.

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