Ok…More ‘Dark Knight’ Photos

batpod.gifI swear I’m not solely a Batman fanboy, but I keep finding this stuff and I just have to post it. The LA Times is reporting about the new Batcycle, aka the Batpod, and oh buddy does it look sweet. Unfortunately, I can’t find an enlarged version of this one and this one doesn’t get much bigger either. There’s word that it will be officially revealed on Tuesday at Licensing Show 07.

Also, someone claiming to be close to the production sent some information to one of the guys at Filmick. While there is no guarantee any of this information is true, there is one little tidbit that suggests Anthony Michael Hall will be playing good guy Edward Nygma. In case you don’t know, Nygma eventually becomes the Riddler in the comics. I gotta say, it’s a pretty cool thought. Anyway, jump on over and read the rest, but be forewarned these could be considered spoilers.

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