It’s New To Me — Catch and Release


Jennifer Garner

I’ll admit it. I watched Catch and Release all by myself despite the fact that it is a romantic comedy. A rental at my house for my mom, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check it out. So I sat down in front of the TV, confident in Kevin Smith’s ability to get me through the film. I wasn’t floored or anything, but I actually found the movie to be enjoyable.

Catch and Release is the story of a recently widowed woman named Grey Wheeler (Jennifer Garner) taking care of the estate of her late husband with the help of his best friends. During this process we see how each character deals with the grief of losing someone close to them in their own way. We also learn more and more about the widow’s late beau along with Grey, who discovers she never really knew him at all.

While this isn’t typically the type of movie I go for, I like something about Jennifer Garner. I also love Kevin Smith. Both did a nice job in this movie, I thought. The rest of the cast I could take or leave, more or less. Sam Jaeger, who I wasn’t familiar with, did a solid job, and while she was in the movie Juliette Lewis was good. Timothy Olyphant is the only one I would have to say I didn’t like.

I’m not blaming Olyphant. To my recollection he only had two lines of dialogue (okay, maybe more), so he didn’t have a great deal to work with. It just seemed like every time he was on screen he had the exact same stare on his face. Maybe that’s the writer, maybe the director, or maybe even the actor. I just kept waiting for him to say anything, or failing that, to fall over and reveal that he was, in fact, painstakingly crafted from balsa wood.

On the other hand, Kevin Smith made this movie for me. The plot was decent, but had it not been for the unique humor Smith brought to the screen I would not have enjoyed this movie at all. The physical comedy, the wit and great comedic timing, and his chemistry with Juliette Lewis in a very funny massage scene all helped keep this one afloat.

Jennifer Garner wasn’t bad either, for the record. She has the ability to sell funny.

Don’t get me wrong. This movie wasn’t all bad. If someone told me they really wanted to see it they could get me to watch it again. If you are planning on taking a look for yourself, don’t go in expecting much. I have seen better movies and I have seen worse movies. Every girl I’ve spoken to has liked this movie, so if it sounds like I wasn’t crazy about it you have to consider the target audience.

If you fellas are looking to score a few bonus points with the missus don’t be afraid to give Catch and Release a spin. With Kevin Smith on-board this one has some entertainment value for you too. Just keep that between us, though. If they think you enjoy it they won’t be as grateful.

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