Comic-Con To Bring ‘Star Trek XI’ News

trekxi-writers.gifIESB participated in a roundtable interview with Roberto Orci during the press day for Transformers and while talking about it, he also dropped some information about the new installment of Star Trek.  Orci says that he and writing partner Alex Kurtzman have already been putting a lot of work into the screenplay for Star Trek XI and he also gave a few other little bits of information. Here is the rundown so far:

  • Star Trek starts shooting in November
  • They are currently in the middle of casting
  • Significant casting decisions to be made soon
  • Annoucements will be made at San Diego Comic-Con 2007 in July

It’s not much at this point, but come July at the San Diego Comic-Con, we’re expected to get some more news.  Not only that, but IESB had an exclusive interview with Orci and we’re still waiting to see if any other news was released.

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