White’s ‘Castlevania’

white.gifThat post title seemed funnier in my head.

Anyways, word has it that Sylvain White will now be helming the Castlevania adaptation for Rogue Pictures and Crystal Sky Entertainment. The film, which is derived from the video game series of the same name, “begins as a Transylvanian knight leads his men into a gothic castle to seek refuge from the Turkish army. The knights soon discover the castle is controlled by the original vampire.”

Paul W.S. Anderson wrote the script and because of that and the fact that it’s a video game adaptation I don’t have high hopes for the project.  Anderson was originally set to direct but stepped aside so he could focus on his Death Race remake. I will say I have a little more faith in White than I do Anderson and they are supposed to work on a rewrite, so we’ll see what happens.

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