6/11/07: Box Office Numbers

 1. Ocean’s 13 – $36.1 million

2. Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End – $21.1 million

3. Knocked Up – $19.6 million

4. Surf’s Up – $17.6 million

5. Shrek the Third – $15.3 million

 Well, well, another week has passed and another summer blockbuster has taken its place at the top of the mountain.

This week the big winner, of course, is George Clooney and the gang from Ocean’s 13 bringing in a solid $36.1 million. I believe my comrade has a review of this film up already and I know he enjoyed it.

Ocean’s managed to knock off last weeks winner, Pirates of the Carribean. Johnny Depp and his crew still made $21.1 million, nothing to sneeze at by any means.

My favorite movie I’ve never seen, Knocked Up, came in a close third place with $19.6 million.

Surf’s Up debuted at number four this weekend. The penguin mockumentary raked in $17.6 million from the kids (and Lorenzo).

Shrek the Third is still holding strong and comes in at the fifth slot this week banking $15.3 million.

I still feel like if you’re itching for some entertainment you can’t go wrong with any of these movies. In January maybe I’ll have some good ones I can make fun of, but as it stands the field is looking pretty strong.  I’m going to try to put up a preview of the upcoming movies this thursday so be on the lookout. Happy watching everybody.

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