Review — Ocean’s Thirteen


It’s been three years since their last caper, but Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his gang are back in Ocean’s Thirteen. This time the job isn’t about love or money, but revenge, plain and simple revenge.

Their buddy, Reuben Tishkof (Elliot Gould), got into business deal with Willie Banks (Al Pacino) only to be screwed out of his half of the deal. All the stress and anguish of the deal gone sour has landed him in the hospital unable to speak. And so Danny, Rusty (Brad Pitt), Linus (Matt Damon), and the rest of the crew (who are all worth mentioning but there are so many) spring into action to avenge their fallen friend. They aren’t really looking to take Banks’ money for themselves, they just want him lose it.

I really enjoyed this movie, but it’s not without it’s flaws. The movie starts out kind of slow as they’re introducing us to the task and setting up the second and third acts. It’s obviously an important part of the story but it just needed to flow a little quicker. This is minute really, though. Some people might also have trouble the believability pulling off this crime. The gang seems to go to over-the-top extremes to bring down Pacino’s character, when something simpler could have been done. But their style isn’t really simple is it? Plus, it’s more entertaining this way. I don’t think anyone goes to the Ocean’s movies to watch something simple unfold anyway, we want fun and we want elaborate.

One of my favorite parts of this franchise is the chemistry between all the characters. They all work so well together and give off an amazing presence on screen. These movies couldn’t have been casted any better. And while a lot the gang only plays background to parts, each of their roles plays an important part to the overall whole. It’s also exciting to see them back in the Sin City. While I liked Ocean’s Twelve, it wasn’t as much fun to see them having ‘playing’ outside of Vegas.

Steven Soderbergh is an amazing director. He really shines here giving us a very stylized and pretty film. As I’ve said already, the cast is amazing. The new comers this go round, Pacino and Ellen Barkin, both do spectacular, but you pretty much have to when working with such a talented cast.

Ocean’s Thirteen is fun, flashy, and allows for a good time. While it easily tops the second one, it falls just short of the reaching the first. Go see this movie.

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