Review — Hostel: Part II

Eli Roth brings us back to the Slovakian nightmare in this follow up to 2005’s Hostel. As you might expect, Hostel: Part II has the same basic premise as the first one does, but there are a few notable differences. Unlike the first, this time the protagonist’s are female, not only that, but the story also points its focus towards our torturers. Also, we get more of a look at the “facility” where all this mayhem takes place and even get a look at the brains behind the operation.

The story is intriguing and creepy. Eli Roth is a talented director and who knows what kind of look he wants and he does it very well at achieving it. He really seems to know a thing or two about the horror genre, with this franchise he really takes it a step further, perhaps way too far though. This continuation is much gorier, in my opinion, to the point where its hard to watch, even more so than in the first. I walked away from this film feeling very uneasy. This style of filmmaking, while done well, isn’t really something I particularly like. I hope Roth will step away from this genre and express his talent in another direction. The casting and the acting were both pretty spot on, the cast includes: Lauren German, Roger Bart, Heather Matarazzo, and Bijou Phillips.

If you disliked the first one, you probably don’t even care about the second. But if you did like the first then this might but up your alley. I’m don’t know if I’m recommending this movie, because it’s pretty gruesome of work. I’d say use your best judgment if you are thinking about seeing it.

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