Does Anyone Want More ‘Witch’?

bwpAny fans of the Blair Witch movies? The first one had an interesting concept going for it, and it was done fairly well, but the movie just was not scary, in my opinion. Doesn’t mean I didn’t like it though. However, I never saw the second one, because it just looked terrible, and I never really heard much about it once it came out so I can only assume I was right. But I bet there are some people who really enjoyed them both, and for that I’m sorry, but you’ll be happy with this next bit of news.

In an interview with, from the set of his new movie Believers, ‘Witch’ co-director Daniel Myrick expressed interest in doing a third movie. One idea is to make a prequel but he goes on to say, “Well, our idea for the prequel isn’t realizing any manifestation of the witch itself, it just delves into the mythology of the witch itself.” So basically, it will concern itself on the origins of the legend, etc.

It could be interesting, I wonder if Lionsgate will think so? — the franchise is now owned by Lionsgate so he’d have to wait until they wanted a new.

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