Another Look at ‘Invasion’

kidman in the invasionYou may or maybe not know, but there has been a remake of  in the works.  In fact, it’s called The Invasion and it’s already filmed and edited.  But apparently it wasn’t good, and so Warner Bros. brought in the Wackowski bros. and James McTeigue in to re-shoot and re-edit the film.  Last month, after it had been reworked some, there was a review of an early test screening that wasn’t very favorable.  However, the folks at Ain’t it Cool got a new test screening copy and have since posted a review.  The verdict?  According to review Opie, this film is definitely worth seeing.

One of the major pitfalls pointed out was the lack of chemistry between two of the films stars, Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman.  But I don’t doesn’t appear to bring the movie down that much.

If you want to read the full review, check it out here.

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