Kevin Smith’s ‘Zack and Miri…’

The LA Times released an article today that gives the title and description of Kevin Smith’s next comedy. The title? Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Smith decribes it as, “A bawdy sex comedy with heart.” According to the article, the story revolves around two friends, Zack and Miri, who have made it to their 30s with nothing to show for it. Oh, and their 15 year reunion is looming around the corner and they have rent problems. And so they decent to start a make shift adult movie empire…in Minnesota. Sounds funny. I’ll admit Smith’s movies are often times raunchy, but I can’t help but enjoy them, and this will probably be one that I watch, too.

Before that project, he’s looking to shoot his new horror movie Red State, which is about a group of outsiders who stumble into “fundamentalism gone to the extreme” in Middle America. I’m very intrigued by this one but thats about all we have by way of information. There is no casting news at this point. Also, Smith is keeping the script on lock down at his home, so anyone interested in being involved must contact him to come take a look. Rosario Dawson is supposedly checking it out this week.

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